Promoting Mental Health, Emotional Well-being and Suicide Prevention Programme

The main aim of the Suicide Prevention Development Officer post is to increase community involvement in promoting mental health and suicide prevention.

This project is funded by the Public Health Agency (Northern Area).

Working across the Northern Locality providing support to groups and developing initiatives which promote mental and well-being and tackling the determinants of suicide.

  • Building capacity within local communities to address suicide prevention
  • Supporting groups to apply for community based promoting mental health and suicide prevention small grants
  • Promotion of mental health and suicide prevention training available to communities
  • Partnership working throughout North Antrim and Causeway localities
  • Encourage help seeking behaviours
  • Promote and support key projects and service delivery by local providers

The Suicide Prevention Development Officer will give priority support to areas of deprived communities and to vulnerable population groups who maybe at a higher risk of suicide.

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