Networks Involving Communities in Health Improvement (NICHI)

NICHI was established in 2009 through Public Health Agency funding (Northern Area). The project operates across the Northern Locality and is managed by the local Community Support Networks including NACN. The aim of NICHI is to support the involvement of communities in improving health and social wellbeing and reducing health inequalities.

The aim of the project is to strengthen links between PHA and local communities in order to support local communities, through a community development approach, to address health and social wellbeing issues and reduce health inequalities through signposting, building capacity and strengthening local accountability to develop healthy, sustainable communities and health champions.

Activities include:

  • Talking to communities to identify their needs and assets in relation to health improvement
  • Supporting a community development approach to improving health and wellbeing at a local level
  • Promoting access to quality training and education programmes
  • Supporting groups to access health-related funding opportunities, including our own small grants scheme
  • Organising networking opportunities for community, voluntary and statutory organisations
  • Building the capacity of communities to engage and participate in shaping the wider public health agenda

NICHI Health Alliance

Your guide to the wide range of resources available in the Northern locality to support the creation of healthier communities.  From programmes and events, to training and funding, you can keep in touch with the information that is most relevant to you and your community